Simple small living room ideas

Dreamehome – Simple small living room ideas. A living room is the first room which can be seen by a guest. So, a homeowner should care the condition in a living room. The guest will see how the homeowner manages his/her room based on the living room. If the living room is clean and orderly, so the gusset will see the homeowner as person who cares really a house. But, if the living room is disorderly, so the guest wills the homeowner as person who is untidy. Unfortunately, not all living rooms can be managed well. Commonly, it is caused by living room which is narrow. Here, will give small living room ideas.

clean black and white simple small living room design


simple small living room design modern design

First of all, you should not put much furniture in the living room. Too much furniture is not exact to small living room ideas. Use the furniture as enough as possible. You just put sofa, table, and pot if it is needed. However, this furniture is the basic set that should be in living room. Small living room ideas are simple tips to design the small living room. Homeowner usually gets confusing to design small living room. Small size furniture is the best choice.

simple small living room design wit wooden wall


sweet with green color simple small living room design

Then, in designing small living room ideas, you have to choose small sofa but has enough large surface. You may also use long sofa which can be sat three persons, whereas other sofas should be small. Besides that, the table and the pot should be small size too to suit the living room. That’s all about how to decorate simple small living room ideas.

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