How to decorate a living room beautifully

DreamehomeHow to decorate a living room beautifully. A living room is a room which can represent the home character. However, a guest will see the living room first when he / she comes to your home. Therefore, you should decorate your living room as best as you can in order to make your guest admires to your living room. There are some types in decorating living room. Here, this article will give tips how to decorate a living room beautifully. How to decorate a living room beautifully are some tips to design a living room. At least there are some aspects in designing the room, its color, furniture, and its lighting.

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The first tip how to decorate a living room is choosing color including wall color, ceiling color, floor/carpet, sofa, table, pot, lamp stand, and so on. The color becomes important since it can give impression to the living room. When you want to design the theme and the concept in living room, it must relate to color’s choice. So, you should be careful in choosing color.

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The second tip is choosing material of furniture. If you want to design classic or traditional theme, it is better to use wood to table and chair. But, if you want to design modern living room, the material wood is not appropriate to your living room. Besides that, you should care about lighting. Choose a lamp which can support to living room’s theme. Hopefully, this article, how to decorate a living room beautifully can be useful to you. That’s all about how to decorate a living room.

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