Cool bedroom Decor Ideas

Dreamehome -These cool bedroom decor ideas are great if you are preparing to renovate and have no clue how it should look like? Try some of these ideas for a different appearance of the walls.

The bedroom is where we find peace at the end of a busy day. Therefore, it must make us feel better and inspire us with warmth, calm and comfort. Some want this room to reflect their personality, while others want to be simple.

cool bedroom ideas

Abstract art

You can turn your attention to an abstract patterned wallpaper. This will give your room a touch of elegance. If you choose this option, be careful at furniture, because it must be in the same note.

If you do not want to change the furniture, and the old one does not fit, does not make this choice, because the result will be a disaster.

Geometric pattern

If abstract models are not for you, you can try something geometrical patterns. As the name implies, these options involve squares, triangles, circles or other geometric shape on your mind. This option is perfect to escape the monotony of your room.

For a unique look only put wallpaper on half on the wall, and for the other half choose a shade stronger.

A sea of flowers

For an elegant and cheerful nothing can be better than a floral design on the walls. Although many would think that flowers are for teenagers, but this design can be used as well to create a romantic atmosphere. If you opt for a floral wallpaper, choose pastel shades.

A touch of creativity

One of the cool bedroom ideas, maybe using some leafes. This helps to relax and get you right into the midst of nature. You do not have to opt for wallpaper, just to acquire some templates and paint one model.

However, remember that models should be used with only leafy green background (illustration). If you use another shade won’t have the same effect. For such a room best wood furniture is black or brown.

Another dimension

3D movies, 3D magazines, 3D images. Why not a 3D bedroom? There is a particular model that gives the impression that your walls come to life. For the result to be expected, choose bedding in color pattern.

Garden in miniature

It is possible that this idea is going to sound exaggerated, but it is perfect for people nonconformist. You can opt for pots of different sizes and even different plants from which you build a “garden” attractive and give you a feel of freshness. Avoid hanging plants or others that might create health problems. For this option walls must be painted in white.

Your portrait

Why not just place your portrait above the bed? Instead you can choose a landscape picture or any image you like. Use focussed lights to add some more shine.

Stripes and nothing more

If you want the walls to be as simple, then stripes are the right choice. You can choose two or more colors that compliment each other. Horizontal stripes make the room appear more spacious, while the vertical ones give it higher.

The animal kingdom

Your child is fascinated by animals? Then it must be your inspiration to decorate the room. You can opt for stickers or stencils to draw them with your child.

You may find some ideas are really cool bedroom ideas while others are not so cool but that entirely depends upon your bedroom’s shape, size and definitely your personal likings.

These cool bedroom decor ideas are easy and inexpensive to try but very effective to renew the look of your bedroom.

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